Multimedia Designer and #ResponsibleFoodie- Jon from CEBU shares his favorite places and spaces in the city!

Always the one cooking and prepping during our more adventurous _EPISODES- Jon Mercado loves food! He’s been at ASPACE for about two years now and we all know to come to him for the best recommendations or we just start scrolling through his Instagram page (@jalastsupper) and you’ll quickly find out that this guy loves to eat his way through Cebu!

Where’s your favourite place to be in Cebu city

“I love Toppokki Man! It just fulfills my need for a spicy treat. I love Spicy food and this place has a comforting vibe, and it’s really sulit!”

Whats your take on the food/ drink scene in Cebu

“The food scene in Cebu had always revolved around what was “trendy”. But lately homegrown is making a comeback, hole in the wall is now a thing, you feel the support. People are finally veering away from chains and trends. For example, going to Sugbo Mercado is such an adventure cause you get to see what everyone’s working on”

 And what’s the dirtiest street food you’ve had?

“ I’m an adventurous eater, I don’t really mind. Take for example lechon, while everyone goes for the skin and ribs. I eat the tail, knuckles, and tongue first! Oh! Pig head makes a great singang. It’s almost like, the dirtier it is- the better! “

It isn’t all about gorging on meals though- Jon advocates being a responsible foodie. He’s started this project called #myemptyplate. Lots of us enjoy great food but a lot of us end up wasting it too. He hopes that this little project would encourage people to join the movement against food wastage. He refuses to tolerate the status quo surrounding food waste and hunger because the ratio of food wasted to the food needed just doesn’t make sense. To know more about My Empty Plate- check out @myemptyplateph

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