St. Peter & Paul Parish Church

Posted on November 12, 2019
St. Peter & Paul Parish Church

One of the oldest churches in the Philippines, dating back to 1620

Baranggay Poblacion is not just about bars, good food, and interesting retail. It also has one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, St. Peter & Paul Parish Church, previously known as San Pedro Church. It was built under the direction of Fr. Pedro delos Montes and as such the Jesuit econmienda began to earn approximately 30,000 pesos annually from the production of earthenware and other materials. The church is made from hewn stone, pebbles, gravel and mortar and its facade features a three tierd papal tiara with the cross keys of St. Peter. Later on, an ivory image of Virgin Mary was brought there from Mexico and was particularly revealed because it said that the image also contains the holy mother’s hair. The church was damaged in 1762 during the British occupation, and was rebuilt in 1849. The Church has undergone many changes in ownership from the Jesuits to the Marquis of Villa Medina and then the Roxases, founding father of the elite Roxas-Ayala-Zobel clans. It was also used as a hospital during the Phil-American war. It was during that war that the ivory image of the Virgin Mary lost its head and hands, which has now been replaced with wooden carvings. Through the years, the church has continued to change and undergo renovations, and is now considered a government-recognized cultural property based on the official list of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. It is still active today, with multiple masses weekly and festivals to honor the feast of St. Peter and Paul, as well as the feast of the Virgin Mary, otherwise known as “Nuestra Señora dela Rosa”.

ASPACE loves: The Church’s architecture and its historical, cultural value

WIFI: None

Parking: Yes

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