Jumong Korean Restaurant

Posted on November 12, 2019
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Jumong Korean Restaurant

Hole in the wall Korean restaurant with good food, large servings

It’s easy to miss Jumong, with barely any sign and a plain facade, but it is worth looking for and enjoyable once found. The restaurant serves authentic Korean food with samgyupsal as their specialty. It’s not “eat all you can” like many other Korean restaurants in Makati, but the pricing is still affordable and the meat are cut a little thicker than others. If you’re trying to save money but want to eat a LOT, order 1-2 orders of grilled chicken or pork and then load up on  the side dishes –those are refillable. Or, you could also get their fried chicken or an order of panjeon which is like a giant pizza of eggs, seafood, and leeks. Yummy!!! Just make sure you’re heading home after you eat or that you don’t care about how you smell. The restaurant has poor ventilation and you’ll definitely smell like grilled meat afterwards.

ASPACE loves: Panjeon (Php440) good for 4-5 people

WIFI: None

Parking: None

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